Permanent makeup is the perfect solution to an age-old problem. Getting ready for work, school, or a night out can easily take an hour or longer to create that flawless, beautiful look. On average, consumers spent roughly $300 a month on beauty products. This adds up to approximately $3,600 a year or $225,000 to $300,000 in a lifetime.

Micropigmentation has been growing in popularity in recent years. Instead of wasting time to “putting on your face” each day, permanent makeup techniques let you look your best anytime of the day or night, regardless where you are or what you’re doing.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that uses tattooing techniques to embed pigment under the skin to give the look of permanent perfectly applied makeup to the eyes, brows, or lips. The procedures are performed by a technician or doctor especially trained in performing these cosmetic treatments. There are several permanent tattoo makeup procedures you can choose from.


What is Microblading?

Microblading, or brow tattooing is the most popular permanent cosmetic procedure. It is called Microblading because small blades or a fine rotary pen are used to cut tiny incisions into the brow line so pigment can be directly applied under the skin. Once finished, your permanent eyebrows will look fuller and shapelier. The permanent eyebrows are made using small strokes to look like real hairs so your permanent brows will look like real eyebrows. The technique is also called micro-shading or brow feathering

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Who Does It Work For?
Brow tattoos work best for people who like to spend time enhancing their eyebrows or are trying to restore thinner brows by manually creating fuller, shapelier brows.
How Long Does Microblading Last?
Brow tattoos take two sessions to complete the desired look. After the first tattoo session, the pigment fades within the first few weeks so you will have to go for a second treatment. Once completed, permanent eyebrows typically last 12 to 18 months before they need to be touched up again.
What Are the Potential Risks?

The risks of microblading are minimal. Because the skin is broken during the procedure, there is a small risk of infection in the area. To minimize the risk, keep the area clean and avoid applying makeup and other skin care products to the area.

Another potential risk is that you will not be satisfied with the end result. Unlike removable makeup, you are stuck with permanent eyebrows whether you like them or not.

Microblading Aftercare

After each micropigmentation treatment, you should refrain from wearing makeup or exposing the area to direct sunlight for the first 24 hours. Also, keep the area clean and monitor for signs of infection.


Microblading ranges in cost between $500 to $3,000 depending the size of the area being treated.

Lip Blushing

If you are always worrying that your lipstick will wear off or smudge, Lip Blushing easily solves that problem. Also called lip tinting, the technician uses a fine tipped rotary pen to inject a subtle permanent lipstick colouring into your lips.

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How Long Does It Last?
Initially, you will lose up to 75% of the colouring so it takes several sessions to reach the desired permanent lipstick makeup hue you are looking for. Once you finally have the colour you want, it will last about a year before you will need another touch up.
What Are the Potential Risks?
Swelling and risk of infection are the biggest risks patients should look for in the first 48 hours. Because your lips are more sensitive than other areas of the body, the permanent lipstick application can be more painful than other micropigmentation techniques. The risk of having an allergic reaction is also higher with red dyes.
Who Does it Work For?

Permanent lipstick makeup procedures are perfect for those who want to darker, blurred-lip look. Having a high tolerance for pain is also beneficial as the procedure can be quite painful.


The cost of getting permanent lipstick can range between $700 to $3,000

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a tattoo that is done just above or along the lash line on the eyelid. Lines tattooed above the lash line like traditional eyeliner applications help your eyes look bigger and more distinctive while a permanent line applied within the eyelashes makes your eyelashes look fuller. A European acupuncture technique is used to embed the tattoo ink into your upper eyelid.

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How Long Does It Last?
Permanent eyeliner tattoos last 12 to 18 months.
What Are the Potential Risks?
Infections are the biggest risk so you should avoid using eye makeup like mascara for 72 hours after the procedure. Older individuals might find that the tattoo line looks cracked and droopy as the skin ages.
Who Does it Work For?

Eyeliner tattoos are perfect for those who like to wear eye makeup. If you won’t leave the house without your eyeliner or mascara, permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution.


Eyeliner tattoos cost between $400 to $1,500.

Scar Camouflage

Scar camouflage tattoos use skin tone coloured pigments to conceal scars. The micropigmentation procedure is most commonly used to cover mastectomy scars however, it can also be used to cover other types of scars including acne scars and stretch marks.

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How Long Does It Last?
With proper care and minimal exposure to the sun, these permanent tattoos can last for years.
What Are the Potential Risks?
The biggest risk with this type of permanent tattoo is shoddy work by the technician. If the pigmentation is not blended accurately, the area can look discoloured and uneven which can make the scar even more noticeable.
Who Does it Work For?

The permanent makeup tattoo works best for people who have fully healed scars that are lighter than their natural skin tone. Scars that are not fully healed or are red, pink, or brown cannot be covered with a scar camouflage tattoo. The procedure also cannot be performed on Keloids.


The cost of scar camouflage tattoos ranges between $2,500 to $4,500.