Eyebrow Threading


An ancient Asian method of hair removal. Designed to remove hair with a silk thread without stretching the skin or causing irritation. Excellent for sensitive skin.

Lip (upper and lower)$15
Full Face$39 and up

What is Eyebrow Threading

Threading hair is a procedure known and used since ancient times and is currently practiced in Eastern countries including India, Egypt. Now threading is becoming more and more popular in Western countries as well and is done in many salons. This is a highly-effective hair removal procedure that lasts up to 6 weeks. During threading procedure a cotton thread is pulled around the hair by twisting move, catching the hair in a small lasso and pulls out the hair. Satisfaction Spa has experienced beauty experts that will perform threading Etobicoke procedure on the top level: safely and precisely, so your skin remains free of all the unwanted hair and you look perfect as you should!

Eyebrow Threading in Etobicoke advantages:

  • The procedure is extremely sanitary and safe because no instrument touches your skin, just the cotton thread.
  • This is a perfect solution that have problems with waxing the eyebrows. Threading is very gentle on the skin, so many people say that they never had a better effect even using tweezing, sugaring and waxing of the eyebrows.
  • Threading can be used by people who take medicine or have the health condition that is in conflict with sugaring and waxing. Threading is very simple and involves no chemicals.
  • The procedure is very fast especially if you find an experienced technician. The whole thing will take up to ten minutes of your time.
  • May cause permanent results – frequent threading can damage the hair follicle so it can stop growing at all.

Our spa employs great threading technicians and we kindly invite you to visit us and make your eyebrows perfect. Just in a few minutes you’ll have the procedure done and can come back to your regular activities right away!