New skin in just 5 days

What is GREEN PEEL ?

GREEN PEEL is a highly effective compound of active ingredients containing herbs and algae first developed by the Schrammek laboratories over 40 years ago, and continuously perfected and streamlined to the latest level of knowledge ever since. The purely plant-based peeling formula improves the structure of the skin and enhances the renewal of skin cells.

How does the herbal peeling treatment work?

After a thorough skin analysis, the special GREEN PEEL herbal mixture as gently massaged into the skin for up to 10 minutes. The micro-particles of the herbs gently smooth away the outermost layers of the skin (epidermal abrasion ). This enhances the circulation and metabolism of the skin and boosts the oxygen supply to the individual cells. The production of new cells is now stimulated.

How does GREEN PEEL differ from other herbal peeling treatments?

GREEN PEEL contains exclusively natural ingredients and is free from any chemical substances or synthetic peeling agents. GREEN PEEL is the only peeling method that can look back on over 40 years of success. This ensures absolute application safety in terms of the method and the active ingredient complex.

Who can benefit from a GREEN PEEL treatment?

The areas of application are widely diversified and are by no means restricted to the skin of the face. Generally speaking, anyone should consider having a peeling treatment if they suffer from extremely impure skin with blemishes, or have noticeable scars caused by acne, accidents or burns, or suffer from extreme hyper pigmentation. We also achieve visible results on prematurely aged skin, e.g. caused by the sun. In this case a peeling would only make sense if excessive exposure to the sun is also avoided after the treatment.

GREEN PEEL also helps reduce stretch marks and skin fissures caused by other types of extreme weight gain. Depending on the causes of the skin condition, several treatments may be necessary.

By the way, GREEN PEEL is not only for women. In the meantime more and more men are also seeking this treatment, most of them in their quest for better aging.

Additionally, an application study was carried out for us at the university of Witten-Herdecke, Germany, to prove the efficacy of GREEN PEEL. We can look back on over years of success with this product.

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