Laser Genesis Toronto

Satisfaction SPA provides high-end rosacea and acne scars repair treatments. Many people have problems with their skin – reddening, visible scars left after the acne. These troubles are very disappointing and don’t allow people feel confident and free. Sometimes even after thorough cleaning the skin looks rough and uneven because of the enlarged pores. Very often even high-quality make up is unable to hide those pores and your skin stays vulnerable to impurities and bacteria. Laser genesis skin therapy allows to reduce the size of skin pores and also decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a 3D laser treatment approach for treating acne marks, wrinkles, damages caused by sun, rosacea etc. The laser deeply penetrates into your skin and makes it much smoother and cleaner. Laser genesis – is a rejuvenation treatment and it’s highly effective and absolutely safe. The entire procedure is rather comfortable and non-invasive. The upper dermis is gently heated and the discolored skin areas are treated in a soft and non-damaging manner.

The laser technology is used to stimulate collagen production, reduce pores of the skin surface. This treatment can be applied on different body areas including face, neck, chests. This laser removal treatment is highly-effective both for men and women and is more beneficial after conducting several procedures. Number of treatments required depend on every single situation and condition of the skin. Most of the patients say that this treatment brings no discomfort and is rather pleasant.