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Treat 1 area, and we will give you 50 %off of your second area!
One of the most popular treatments in the world and at Satisfaction Spa and Skin Therapy is Laser Hair Removal.

“Why didn’t I do it sooner “ says every client after getting laser hair removal done !

How long does it take ?
It can take as little at 5 min ( for underarms, bikini area , small areas on the face ) . And up to 1 hr if you are getting a full body treatment!

But it’s expensive!
Just think how much time , money and energy you will save in future by not getting monthly waxing and growing the hair out ! Not shaving everyday ! Not buying shaving supplies!
And the most important you will NEVER have to deal with ingrown hairs , razor burns and irritation from regular hair removal!

Why should you choose Satisfaction Spa to do laser hair removal ?
At SatisfactionSpa we have the best equipment on the market and a laser technician with over 15 years of experience!

Would you like to find out if you are a good candidate?
We offer a complimentary virtual consultations where we will answer all your questions, will tell you what to expect and if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal!


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

When you get Laser hair removal for your bikini area and we offer underarms at half price.
Regular Bikini $90 for 1 or $430 for 6 Treatments.
High Bikini $105 for 1 or $504 for 6 Treatments.
Brazilian $150 for 1 or $720 for 6 Treatments.
Regular price for underarms is $90 for 1 or $430 for 6 treatments!
Now it’s $45 for 1 or $215 for 6 treatments!
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Get Glow Head to Toes!

Facial + Remineralizing Body Treatment 

Add  Remineralizing Treatment to any Facial Treatment for $ 60 ( value of $109 )

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All orders are excepted by email: info@spaandskin.com

or by Phone:


Forma Rf Skin Tightening 20 % Off Body Areas!

Regular price is $250 for 1  or $ 1200 for 6 treatments.
  • Knees
  • Bum
  • Stomach
  • Arms
  • Inner Thighs
  • Front of The Thighs
Forma Plus by Inmode is non-invasive skin Tightening treatment without any side effects, suitable for any skin type. Results are visible after  1 treatment but the best possible results are after 6 treatments. So if you have loose skin and would like to improve skin laxity without any downtime, Forma Plus by Inmode is the best option out there, loved by many celebrities ( Kardashians, Eva Longoria and many others speak openly about their experience with Inmode technology)

All orders are excepted by email: info@spaandskin.com

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Spa Specials For Your Satisfaction

Services at Satisfaction beauty salon are completely customer-oriented and this is revealed in all the areas of our work. We take care of delivering top-level services to our clients and keeping them completely satisfied all the time. In our work we will never compromise on the quality of equipment and on the beauty products used for the treatments. We also create spa special offers regularly and offer different bonuses and discounts dedicated to holidays and celebrations.

Check out our day spa specials as we regularly offer something interesting! We love our clients and always search for the ways to surprise them. Satisfaction Spa is a full-service beauty salon that has extensive experience in delivering all types of beauty treatments! Here you can receive beauty procedures in relaxed and nice atmosphere and get served on the top level. Our personnel is always very polite and friendly as they really respect every customer and try to learn more about her/his specific needs and requirements.

Day Spa Specials

On this page you’ll be able to learn about all the special offers at Satisfaction beauty salon and there surely be many of those. Our management keeps thinking about new attractive offers for the clients trying to show how much we value them. Do not hesitate and come to our Spa with any beauty concern and most probably we will be able to solve it! Moreover, we always have some exciting offers and specials so you’ll be absolutely satisfied with your visit.

We are reputable spa that employs highly-professional certified aestheticians that are using all their talents, skills and experience for your satisfaction and perfect appearance. We are looking forward to seeing you at our beauty salon and will be happy to offer some of our great spa special offers to you!