Firm treatment

The brand-new completely safe cure

A secure and pleasant non-surgical cure for wrinkles, jowls, nasolabial folds, laugh lines, double chin, neck (turkey neck), belly, arms (bet wings), back fat, knees and other problematic areas.

What is it?

For this kind of treatment Forma and Forma Plus by Inmode is used. This is the finest fractionated RF technology which will stimulate collagen production . After Firm treatment procedure you will get younger and toned skin .

How does it work?

Forma and Forma Plus uses proprietary A.C.E.( which is for Achieve, Control,Extend ) the technology supplying secure,enjoyable and productive treatments optimizing energy to maximize aesthetic result. The treatment is a radio-frequency based and targets penetrates within the skin collagen production.

Is Firm treatment for me?

Firm treatment is relevant for all types of skin and is applicable for ppl seeking a safe and natural looking technique to correct skin tone and laxity. Patient’s reports say that their skin looks smoother with less wrinkles, sagging skin appears younger and firmer .

What areas can be treated by Firm?

Both body and face can be treated by Firm. Most usual areas which require corrections are: wrinkles, smile lines, neck, on the body: arms( bet wings), belly, back fat, knees, thighs and others.

Is it painful?

Firm treatment is absolutely painless due to its innovative technology. The common post-procedure effect is slight skin redness, which decreases within 15 min – few hours.

How many sessions is necessary?

It is suggested to have weekly sessions over 6-8 weeks. Prominent results will be visible over time or a serious of treatments.

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