IPL Laser Treatment

Many people suffer from the negative effects of sun burns and damages, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and more. Those unpleasant reddening of skin don’t allow you to feel self-confident and beautiful.

But there is a way out – IPL laser treatment that will change your look dramatically. It’s an innovative technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). The IPL photofacial procedure that results in gentle skin photo rejuvenation and it’s considered one of the latest inventions in dermatology.

Limelight facial allows patients to improve their complexion and get rid of redness. If you have blotchy and red skin photofacial treatment may become a perfect solution!

IPL Photofacial

A photofacial is a skin treatment procedure that lasts approximately 30 minutes. Intense light pulses penetrate deep into the skin and make blood vessels and collagen below the epidermis to constrict and as a result eliminates redness and reduces wrinkles. This is a great rejuvenation procedure that is mostly non-invasive and involves only small discomfort with minimal swelling and/or redness.

The results of the treatment will be best seen in a few weeks after the procedure.

If you are interested in IPL laser treatment do not hesitate and visit Satisfaction spa for consultation!