Electrolysis Toronto


For health reasons no electrolysis needle will be used more than one time.

10 min$35

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis Hair Removal Toronto – is a highly efficient method for removing unwanted hair from the face and different body parts: chin, neck, upper lip, underarms, abdomen, breasts, eyebrows, legs, and bikini line. During the electrolysis procedure medical device destroys the hair with the heat of an electrical current. The fine probe is inserted into the follicle of the hair and the heat boils the hair bulb and then removed with the help of tweezers. Generally, the procedure causes no visible side effects except for slight reddening of the skin. Intensive unwanted hair growth is generally caused by several factors like hormone level, heredity, some methods of temporary hair removal, some types of drugs and diseases. In all these cases best electrolysis in Toronto is a perfect method to get an effective and prolonged result and get rid of unwanted hair.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

You’ll surely require several electrolysis visits to remove the unwanted hair permanently. As a rule, customers come back once a week or every second week. Still, after the procedure is over you can be sure you’ve got rid of the hair forever. Each electrolysis hair removal session lasts 15-60 minutes.
The main advantage of the procedure is that you get permanent results on all hair colours and after several sessions, you’ll simply forget about the unwanted hair forever. Electrolysis hair removal is absolutely safe and in our spa, we guarantee the best equipment and highly professional beauty experts. So, if you decide to get rid of the unwanted hair forever do not hesitate and visit us for free consultation. Our aestheticians will do their best to keep you absolutely satisfied!