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Skin on your body needs just as much attention as on your face. Time can take a toll, causing the effects of gravity to be more evident. Plus sebaceous glands with age produce less oil, making the skin more prone to dryness and wrinkles.

Satisfaction Spa and Skin Therapy offers a wide range of body treatments to meet your every need and desire . Body treatments not only are relaxing ( we exfoliate all your body with salt and sugar scrub after apply a body wrap and finish with massaging in a luxurious body cream, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated) but also are extremely therapeutic for your body. All our body wraps are marine base . There is a wide range of body wraps: remineralizing, detoxifying, anti cellulite.

Satisfaction Spa also offers toning , contouring and cellulite treatments with Body FX by Inmode. Body FX is a new , long lasting , non-invasive solution to reduce unsightly appearance of cellulite leading to improvements in your body contour . It is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.


Body Facial$159
Full body exfoliation, remineralizing body wrap +30 min Aroma Anti-stress massage
Remineralizing treatment$109
Full body exfoliation, marine base body wrap+ full body hydration
Hydrating Sugar Glow$55
Full body exfoliation with hydration
Back treatment$139
improves back acne, scars and pigmentation
Spray tan$60
Body FXPrice is individual

Body Treatments for your wellness

Spa body treatment can be called a facial for the entire body! This procedure will make your skin very soft, smooth and hydrated . Your body also requires treatment as your face does, so it’s very important to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin on your body as well. Different procedures are used for body treatment including scrubs , exfoliating treatment , safer tightening, body wraps and of course a massage.

During the massage treatment a mixture of healing, hydrating , invigorating and detoxifying oils and marine extracts are rubbed into your skin. The whole procedure is extremely pleasant, relaxing and effective so you’ll see wonderful results after it. The body is scrubbed approximately during 10-15 minutes, than the scrub is washed off without using any soap. Scrubs are made of different materials for example using coffee, grape seeds, sugar and salt,natural luffa etc. After the body treatment hydrating lotion applied on the skin.

Body Spa Toronto

At Satisfaction spa we also make body masks and wraps after the skin has been scrubbed. We offer detoxifying treatment using see mud, algae etc. Please take a look at the list of body treatment services offered at Satisfaction Spa and Skin Therapy :

  • Body Facial Toronto (includes full body exfoliation, Remineralizing body wrap, 30 min total body massage)
  • Hydrating Sugar Glow (eliminating dead cells and refining skin texture);
  • Bronzing Treatment (Self-tanner treatment, full body exfoliation)
  • Remineralizing Spa Treatment ( full body exfoliation, remineralizing body wrap, full body cream application)
  • Contouring Marine Body Wrap (for elimination of fat)
  • Aroma Anti Stress Massage