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It is the answer to all your aesthetic needs and wants. Satisfaction Spa is a grate place to renew , recharge and rejuvenate your body and soul . We are located in the heart of  The Junction area, on the main floor of 3024 Dundas St W, right on the intersection of Dundas and High Park. Our location is ideal as it is easily accessible to clients from Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga.

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Satisfaction Spa and Skin Therapy offers a wide range of advanced aesthetic services such as: Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein treatment, IPL, Laser Genesis, BodyFX (fat burning), Firm Treatment, Fractional rejuvenation,HydraFacial, Electrolysis, Facials , Makeup, RMT massage, Body treatments, Waxing , Threading, Hand and Foot treatments .

Our beauty experts will make your body lighten up and relax from everyday stresses and fatigue. Satisfaction Spa offers all sorts of beauty services and treatments so you’ll be able to select the best option for you . Our life is full of nerves, stresses and hard work and all these factors surely influence how you look and feel. People also have to deal with unpleasant effects of aging or teenage period that are difficult to cope with on your own.

To get a real visible result, you need to get professional consultation and appropriate treatment. West Toronto spas will become the best solution for the most of your beauty concerns.

Spa for body and soul

Satisfaction Spa and Skin Therapy delivers safe and luxurious treatments in a peaceful and pleasant environment. Our experts constantly take courses to improve their professional level and use latest techniques in their everyday work. Our spa is offering luxurious spa services including: laser genesis, laser hair removal, waxing, laser vein removal, all types of facials (chemical peels, green peel, HydraFacial and Hydra-lift) ,massages, IPL treatment, manicure, pedicure, makeup and more.

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Our advantages:

  • Highly professional Spa services
  • Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere
  • The beauty experts are certified, experienced and inviting
  • Hygienic and clean atmosphere
  • Affordable prices for the top services
I’ve been suffering from painful feelings in my neck for a long time. I’m an office worker and spend 8 hours a day working on the computer so I had muscle tension and headaches as well. After visiting Satisfaction Spa for a few massage sessions I got rid of those unpleasant feelings and became less stressed and nervous! It’s a really great and extremely pleasant treatment! I would totally recommend people who suffer muscle tension and feel tired and stressed visit the Satisfaction Spa and spend unforgettable moments in a soothing atmosphere.
Kevin Foley
IT Manager
I’ve done waxing at Satisfaction and was pleasantly surprised that the procedure is a lot less painful than many people may imagine. Salon’s aestheticians have done everything so fast I had no time to blink an eye! After the procedure I had a soothing lotion applied so the entire procedure left no unpleasant impression. Moreover I’m very satisfied with the results – my skin looks perfectly smooth and I forgot about the unwanted hair for 5 weeks!
Marketing Specialist
I have dark leg hair and was absolutely sick and tired of permanent shaving. I had to shave my legs almost every day and it didn’t really help, because the hair grew rapidly and even more rough. I decided to try the laser hair removal at Satisfaction and that’s a real relief for me. After several treatments that horrible hair has gone away! I’m planning to apply laser hair removal for other areas as well and recommend this salon to all who have similar problems!
I visited Satisfaction to get a green peel as I heard it’s a great way to improve my complexion. I had a truly horrible problem skin – all those acne and black spots were driving me crazy. I never left my home without heavy make up but even foundation couldn't hide all those problems completely. Satisfaction Spa was a real rescue for me – my skin looks absolutely normal at last. Together with smooth and clean skin I got more self-confidence! Now I’m not afraid to go out without a thick layer of foundation and it makes me really happy!
Family Physician
I would like to recommend Satisfaction to all brides that want to look gorgeous at their wedding! Everything was perfect and my make up suited the dress and accessories in the best possible way! I felt like a real queen on my wedding day and all the guests told me that I looked like never in my life. Thank you Satisfaction Spa for making this great day even happier!
Top Model