Green Peel (face)

herbal deep peeling treatment, removes scars, pigmentation, large pores, wrinkles, boosts natural collagen production$299

Green Peel is an exceptionally efficient mixture of active ingredients including herbs and algae first developed more than 40 years ago, and constantly fulfilled and modernized to the most recent level of knowledge. An exclusively plant-based peeling formula corrects the skin structure and boosts the regeneration of skin cells.

Herbal Face Peel

After an intensive skin analysis, the special GREEN PEEL herbal compound is smoothly massaged into the skin for up to 10 minutes. Herbal micro-particles gently soften the most remote layers of the skin (scraped epidermis). This reinforces skin’s distribution and metabolism and increases the oxygen supply to the individual cells. This stimulates the production of new cells.

Green Peel Toronto

Green Peel Toronto is a fantastic safe way to deprive your skin of various problems , to give it more youthful and purer appeal. This treatment is non-chemical and is meant for people who suffer from serious skin problems. Green Peel was introduced by Christine Schrammek more than 50 years ago and was significantly perfected ever since. At the moment this technique is used all around the world and shows prominent results! If your skin has scar, hyper-pigmentation or breakouts and you want to have clean and pure ,glowing face – green peel facial is a superior resolution for your problems. It is a mixture of herbs containing enzymes, required vitamins, minerals that are softly massaged into the patient’s skin. The entire procedure is highly enjoyable and gives splendid outcomes. What makes green peel treatment exceptional is that it’s purely natural and can be easily used for different types of skin and its conditions.

Green Peel Treatment Toronto

The Green Peel contains10 minutes massage of the compound into the skin during which the impurities and dead cell of the most remote skin layer are taken away. The treatment enhances metabolism and supply of the oxygen to the cells and as a result stimulates the production o new cells. Here are the cases when Green Peel is applied:

  • Oily, impure skin
  • damaged skin with signs of burns, acne scars etc
  • hyper-pigmentation of the skin
  • stretch marks

Green Peel can also be implemented not only for face but for other parts of body. It’s applied when there are stretches influenced by gain of weight, pregnancy etc. This is a perfect natural skin treatment both for men and women. Teenagers who often suffer from serious facial contaminants and problematic skin can also take advantage of this procedure. We gently welcome you to visit Satisfaction spa where our experts will provide you with free consultation and help improve your skin look excellent.

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What is green peel ?

Green peel has been around for over 60 year , was developed by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek . The basis is a mixture of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are massaged into the skin.

Who is Green Peel treatment for ?

Almost everybody ! Suited for all skin colours and different conditions! It is completely customized for each and every person by your medical aesthetician!

What Skin issues does Green Peel treat ?

Green peal can be gentle or very deep peel depending on your needs and your skin expert’s recommendations! Classic Green Peel provides complete skin turnover in 5 days !
It provides dramatic visible results in skin tone and texture , wrinkles and sagging skin , boosts collagen and elastin production, improves scars , large pores , acne scars , sunspots …
also it’s amazing for stretch marks and skin tightening on the body !

How many treatments does one need ?

It all depends on your skin needs and goals. If you are trying to treat Scars , Discolouration, Strength marks , wrinkles we at SatisfactionSpa recommend Classic Green Peel 3-4 treatments with 4 weeks apart !

Can I do multiple areas at ones ?

No! Green peel should be done 1 area every 24hrs !