Waxing Hair Removal Service


Both warm and hard wax is available

Eyebrow waxing$17
Lip waxing$11
Nose waxing$12
Chin waxing$15
Sideburns waxing$15
Full face waxing$39
Neck waxing$15
Underarms waxing$19
Half arm waxing$25
Full arms waxing$29
Hands waxing$20
Back (half) waxing$25
Back (full) waxing$40
Chest waxing$35
Chest and Stomach waxing$45
Regular bikini line waxing$25
High bikini line waxing$30
Brazilian bikini waxing$49
Men's Brazilian waxing$60
Full leg waxing$55
Half leg waxing$35
Half leg with regular bikini waxing$49
Half leg with high bikini waxing$55
Half leg with Brazilian waxing$69
Full leg with regular bikini waxing$65
Full leg with high bikini waxing$70
Full leg with Brazilian waxing$94

Waxing Etobicoke for perfectly smooth looking skin

Beauty demands are growing all the time and now perfectly smooth and hairless body has become a must. Shaving is not good enough because new hair growth fast and more stiff and on some areas like women’s face, arms it’s absolutely inappropriate. Waxing hair removal service in Etobicoke is the best way to make all your body parts look perfect! At our SPA we deliver high-quality waxing services using top waxing and skin care product lines. You’ll need several sessions to achieve complete effect but it will surely be prolonged and you’ll be able to visit beaches without any worries and always feel confident. Waxing is suitable literally for any area starting from face ( upper lip zone,eyebrows), neck, back, breast, belly, legs, bikini line, arms etc.
Satisfaction Spa is one of the top waxing salons Etobicoke with best wax treatment technicians that will take care of all that unwanted hair for you. During the waxing procedure warm wax is applied to the area that needs hair removal and then gently removed. The skin is smooth and exfoliated after the procedure because high-quality skin care products are used after the procedure.

Benefits of Waxing Hair Removal Service

  • It lasts much longer in comparison to shaving because the hair is removed from the root and the hair grows takes much longer (4-8 weeks) depending on area and personal hair growth pattern;
  • It’s safe – no cuts, ingrown hairs and other unpleasant things connected with shaving;
  • Waxing is great for sensitive skin because it doesn’t have any chemical like hair removal creams. Wax is made of natural ingredients (bees wax ) and is applied at human body temperature so the procedure is rather comfortable;
  • It makes hair softer and thinner affecting the regrowth of hair;
  • The skin is exfoliated by removing the dead cells and smoothing and rejuvenating your skin;
  • Time-saving: after waxing the hair will grow 4-6 weeks and you won’t have to worry  about it