Quick and durable outcomes, without unwanted skin effects and without post-hair removal side effects. Moreover, soft, effective and enjoyable treatments!

For hair small patches of hair growth

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What is it ?

All along the electrolysis procedure, a very small hair-sized probe is lightly inserted into the hair follicle, down the papilla (the part that nourishes the hair) and then a very low electrical current dismantles the papilla stopping further hair growth

Is it painful?

Long ago electrolysis had an undesirable sensation because the electric current was sent at a fixed intensity. SEQUENTIUM VMC is a contemporary machine that uses the patented Sequential Modulation System by Silhouet-Tone. During the insertion of probe, the system adjusts the intensity and duration of the continuation, providing nearly painless treatment.

Is it really long lasting?

Definitely. Electrolysis is the only long-lasting method of hair removal which is acknowledged worldwide and exercised by the medical community.

How many treatments is advisable to have?

This number is dependent on if you have the following:

  • the area which is being treated
  • how much hair is involved
  • keeping to the timetable of appointments which are determined by the electrologist in accordance with the hair growth phase
  • tolerance for the procedure (it becomes greater with the variable modulated currents used by SEQUENTIUM VMC)

Is it safe?

The scrupulous standards of hygiene are controlled by professional electrologists. Sterile, dispensable needles are used only once, making you’re completely certain in security and protection.