Spa and Facial Treatments

If your skin needs energy, cleanliness and balance spa and facial treatments are always a good way. There are different types of skin, which require different types of spa and facial treatments. Oily or dry, normal or sensitive… This is not the problem for beauticians. They will always find the best plan for you to make your skin healthier, younger and fresh.

spa and facial

Spa facial treatments

A few phases of spa and facial treatments

  • Consultation

First thing first, all the treatment starts with consultation, which will help to understand your needs, type of your skin and necessary means for treatment.

  • Cleaning

The beautician begins the facial procedure by removing your makeup. At first she should wrap up your hair with a towel or so to avoid penetrating cream into your hair. As soon as everything is removed she will clean your face and neck with a cleansing milk or lotion with massaging movements. At the end of the cleaning procedure the cleanser should be washed with warm water and your skin should be wiped dry.

  • Skin check

The beautician will look at your skin under a bright lamp to check the type and condition of your skin to choose appropriate items and facial treatments which will be the best for you. She will tell you all the recommendations and will explain what she is going to do to make you be satisfied with the result.

  • Steam

Most spa and facial treatments include the procedure of steaming directing a thin layer of steam to your face. It helps to relax your skin and soft up blackheads and pimples which should be removed. There is an alternative option to use heated wet towels instead of steam.

  • Exfoliation

There are two types of exfoliation – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation has a rough texture and helps to get rid of damaged cells of your skin. While chemical uses ferments and aids which weaken the bond between skin cells.

  • Extraction

This is the stage in which blackheads and whiteheads should be removed. But it is not required and can be omitted if you don’t need it or do not want it to be done.

  • Facial massage

This phase of spa and facial treatments will stimulate and relax your skin. Also lotion or cream may be used here to make it more pleasant.

  • Facial mask

Due to the type and condition of your skin your beautician will choose the mask for you which is needed to treat the skin care.

  • Final touch

After all is done the beautician will apply the specific cream or gel to appease your skin. She also will give you some recommendations and advice on regular skincare.

So everything is quite simple. There is just one requirement – set all your work aside for some time to receive some relaxation, have fun and give your skin a glint look and soft touch.

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