Body FX- Contouring and Cellulite treatment

Find out an ultimate solution to advance the skin appearance of cellulite, get rid of dimples, loss of elasticity on the belly, love handles, hips, thighs and other body parts that need reduction of fat.

What is Body FX?

Body Fx is a modern, durable and safe resolution which will reduce the unsightly sight of cellulite and improve your body shape. This treatment doesn’t require surgery to liposuction, it is a superb solution to get rid of your abdomen or muffin top.

How does it work?
This technique uses a mix of radio-frequency energy, broad tissue heating and suction. The radio-frequency circulates warmth along the skin and underlining fat, which makes the tissue heat up and contract. The vacuum and controlled energy vibrates then work interdependently to provide elegant body shape results

Is it painful?
The procedure is very enjoyable. During Body-FX you will feel your skin warmed up and gentle pulling sensitivity as the radio-frequency and vacuum work in order to loosen extra fat.

How many sessions is needed?
It is advisable to have weekly sessions during an eight week period. Steady progress in the treated area can be seen after a couple of procedures – your skin surface will become smoother and elastic straight away.

What kind of post care is required?
There is definitely no spare time for BodyFX. It can be done during the lunchtime. Patients might notice redness and glow in the treated area which will ease after a couple of hours.

Our aesthetic provider can give a consultation to see if you are a candidate for BodyFX treatment.