Satisfaction spa and skin therapy is a bloor west spa and we are proud to offer you high-quality treatments and services designed for your beauty and health Best Electrolysis TorontoIn our work we use top-notch equipment that has recommended itself to be safe and highly-effective, pure natural ingredients, best beauty product lines tailored to your wellness. We are a full-service bloor west village spa delivering all sorts of treatments imaginable. Here you can get a complete set of beauty procedures from head to toes. At Satisfaction Spa you’ll be able to forget about your everyday problems and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. We can offer a full set of facial and body treatments so you can select the most suitable for you. Our unique and highly effective facials will help you slow the process of aging, improve complexion, deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin, clear all the impurities and give you your best skin ever.

Bloor spa for your body and soul

Except for facials and body care treatments we offer truly healing massages that relax the muscle tension, relieve you from headaches, reduce stress and improve your overall mood. At spa bloor west you can obtain more complicated treatments like laser vein removal that demands high qualification of the therapist. We follow the latest techniques and technologies and deliver IPL treatments and laser genesis procedures to our customers for repairing acne scarring, rosacea and eliminate the results of sun burns and different skin damages. We also have a great set of services aimed at unwanted hair removal: laser hair removal, waxing procedures, electrolysis hair removal, threading . Satisfaction SPA and Skin Therapy invites you to come for free consultations and select the best-fitting treatment with our highly-competent and certified therapists and aestheticians.