Treatments should be done every 6 weeks

 Single session6-session package (save 20%)
Regular Bikini - 15 min.$90$430
Laser Hair Removal - bikini
High Bikini - 20 min.$105$505
Laser Hair Removal - high bikini.
Brazilian - 30 min.$150$720
Laser Hair Removal - brazilian.
Half Leg - 60 min.$250$1200
Laser Hair Removal - half leg.
Full Leg - 120 min.$450$2160
Laser Hair Removal - full leg.
Underarms - 10 min.$90$430
Laser Hair Removal - Underarms.
Full Face$150$720
Laser Hair Removal - Full Face.
Chin - 10 min.$60$288
Laser Hair Removal - Chin.
Ears - 10 min.$50$50
Laser Hair Removal - Ears.
Cheeks - 10 min.$50$240
Laser Hair Removal - Cheeks. $50 and up per session.
Sideburns - 10 min.$50$240
Laser Hair Removal - Underarms. $50 and up
Lip - 10 min.$30$160
Laser Hair Removal - Lip.
Half leg with Bikini - 30 min.$280$1360
Laser Hair Removal - Half Leg with Bikini
Half leg with High Bikini - 60 min.$300$1450
Laser Hair Removal - Half leg with High Bikini.
Half leg with Brazilian - 70 min.$330$1600
Laser Hair Removal - Half leg with Brazilian.
Full leg with Bikini - 120 min.$480$2320
Laser Hair Removal - Full leg with Bikini.
Full leg with High Bikini - 120 min.$500$2410
Laser Hair Removal - Full leg with High Bikini.
Full leg with Brazilian - 120min.$530$2560
Laser Hair Removal - Full leg with Brazilian.
Fingers or Toes - 10 min.$30$145
Laser Hair Removal - Fingers or Toes
Abdomen - 20 min.$125$600
Laser Hair Removal - Abdomen.
Back or Chest - 60 min.$400$1920
Laser Hair Removal - Back or Chest.
Full arm (men) - 45 min.$325$1560
Laser Hair Removal - Full arm (men).
Half arm (men) - 30 min.$225$1080
Laser Hair Removal - Underarms.
Full arm (women) - 30 min.$250$1200
Laser Hair Removal - Full arm (women).
Half arm (women) - 40 min.$150$720
Laser Hair Removal - Half arm (women).
Full arm and Underarms (women) - 50 min.$300$1450
Laser Hair Removal - Full arm and Underarms (women).
Half arm and Underarms (women) - 30 min.$200$975
Laser Hair Removal - Half arm and Underarms (women).
Neck ( front or back) - 15 min.$100$480
Laser Hair Removal - Neck ( front or back).
Beard sculpting - 30 min.$150$720
Laser Hair Removal - Beard sculpting.

Laser Hair Removal in Etobicoke

Laser Hair Removal is a great solution for those who are not satisfied with the results of shaving or waxing. Laser hair removal is a wide-spread cosmetic procedure very popular not only among women. It involves beaming highly concentrated light into the hair follicle. The hair is destroyed as the follicle pigment absorbs the light. Laser removal has the following benefits for the customers:

  • This is a highly effective method of removing unwanted hair from your face, arms/underarms, legs, bikini line etc.
  • It’s precise targeting the darks hairs and not damaging the surrounding skin.
  • This is a rather fast procedure because it takes only a fraction of second for the laser to work. Many hairs can be removed at the same time. For example small skin areas like upper lip zone can be treated literally in a minute, the larger zones like back, breast or legs may take up to an hour.
  • Leaves no marks
  • Gets read off ingrown hairs

About Laser Hair Removal Process

If you decided to get your unwanted hair removed with laser, first of all make appointment for a free consultation with a beauty expert and get all the questions clear. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that may have some potential risks so detailed consultation is a must. Before getting laser hair removal please limit plucking, waxing and electrolysis during six weeks before the procedure. You also should avoid sun exposure as makes hair removal not as effective as desired and some complications are possible after the procedure. In Satisfaction spa and beauty salon we’ll adjust the laser equipment according to the location, thickness and color of the hair you want to remove. We use the top-notch equipment and our aesthetician are certified so you are sure to obtain high-quality services in our spa.

We offer payment plans on packages, under $500 – 2 payments, over $500 – 3 payments