Spa manicure$25
French manicure$30
Express manicure$20
Nail polish change$12
French nail polish change$15
Paraffin hand treatment$15
Spa manicure with paraffin$30
Shellac manicure$42
Shellac nail polish removal$10
Deluxe manicure$35
includes exfoliation plus paraffin treatment

Nail Salons Etobicoke

Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine our lives without manicure and pedicure as these procedures make your hands and feet look perfect. There are dozens of variants how to make your nails look beautiful and personalized. At Satisfaction Spa our experts will not only make your nails pretty but will care for the health off your nails . We treat ingrown nails, corns , warts,nail fungal infection, dryness , cracks and patients with diabetes. And as a cherry on a cake we have hundreds of beautiful colors. We can make your nails suit any life event like a wedding or a graduation night and create your own unique style.

Satisfaction Spas as a nail salon in etobicoke delivers different kinds of services for our customers. Our manicure experts put all their skills and passion into their work! They are determined to select the best option for you to suit your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Nail Salon in Etobicoke

In Satisfaction Spa we deliver the following nail services:

  • Manicure and pedicure treatments
  • Paraffin treatments
  • Warts and nail fungus infection treatments

Visit our spa and we will make your hands look as perfect as possible. We guarantee the highest quality of our work as all the aestheticians are certified and regularly take courses to get acquainted with the latest techniques and trends in nail care. Satisfaction Spa and Skin Therapy is waiting for you.

We’ll help you to select the best option for any situation, lifestyle and personal taste.